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  Chasing Charlie This is an image I have produced about a dog running about on the school field. There's always a bit of a fuss. Everybody knows the dog, it is usually their aunties or their next door neighbours!  
  Dance Practice This image I produced is about practicing for the school concert, everybody wants to be included.  
  The Playground Playtime; it's all happening here. Swaps, whispering, chasing, Dr Who and all other such games  
  Dinosaur daydream Why is it when teacher asks
"Does everyone know what they are doing?" there is always a daydreamer who does not. I confess to being such a person.
  Geography project Do a project about physical maps of the world. Children often get sidetracked about conversations about their Summer holidays.  
  Quarrel "Miss, Rachel didn't share her skipping rope at dinner-time.She poked her tongue out at me!"  
  Pretty Sight Little boy shows teacher a nasty image he's drawn!